Sunday dessert: Mocha pudding/cake Inspired by: Ingredients: 1Tbsp ground Chia…

Sunday dessert: Mocha pudding/cake 🍫☕️🎂
Inspired by: ohsheglows 🇬🇧Ingredients:
1Tbsp ground Chia seeds
100g wheat flour
50g coconut flour 🥥
170g plus extra 70g sugar (of your choice)
50g plus extra 2Tbsp of cocoa powder
50g chopped dark chocolate (dairy free)🍫
1/2tsp sea salt 🧂
1-2tsp baking powder
175ml plant milk 🥛
2 Tbsp melted coconut oil 🥥
1 tsp vanilla extract
250ml hot coffee ☕️ Instructions:
1️⃣ lightly grease a glass baking dish (2L) with a bit of coconut oil 🥥
2️⃣ whisk the chia seeds with 5-6 Tbsp of water in a small bowl and set aside💦
3️⃣ mix together the wheat and coconut flour, 170g of sugar, 50g of cocoa powder and the cut up dark chocolate in a large bowl🥣
4️⃣ mix togehter the chia mixture with the plant milk, coconut oil and vanilla extract and add it to the large bowl. Stir until well combined.
5️⃣ pour the batter into the baking dish and smooth the top out.
6️⃣ combine in a smaller bowl 70g of sugar with 2 Tbsp of cocoa powder and sprinkle it evenly over the spread out batter.
7️⃣ now comes the messy looking part: slowly pour the hot coffee over sugar and cocoa powder mixture on top of the batter. The mixture should be completely be covered by the coffee now.
8️⃣ bake for 30-35min. at 190°C in the oven. Let cool for 10-20min. and sprinkle some powdered sugar on top. Enjoy! 🇩🇪Zutaten:
2 EL gemahlene Chia Samen
100g Weizenmehl
50g Kokosnussmehl 🥥
170g plus extra 70g Zucker (deiner Wahl)
50g plus extra 2EL of Kakaopulver
50g kleingeschnittene, schwarze Schokolade🍫
1/2Tl Salz 🧂
1-2 Tl Backpulver
175ml Pflanzliche Milch 🥛
2 EL geschmolzenes Kokosnussöl 🥥
1 Tl Vanille-Extrakt
250ml heisser Kaffee ☕️ Anweisung in den Kommentaren 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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