GARLIC FRIES AND WASABI SOURCREAM Save to have both recipes in one The garlic …


Save to have both recipes in one😏

The garlic fries:

1️⃣Wash and cut your potatoes
2️⃣ leave them in a bowl with water for at least 15 minutes
3️⃣ pat them dry
4️⃣ add: olive oil, cornstarch and your favourite seasoning.
5️⃣ add 1-2 pressed garlic cloves and rosemary
6️⃣ put them on a baking sheet and leave them in the oven for 20minutes at 220° C (circulating air)

Wasabi sour cream:

Soaked cashews and sunflowerseeds
1 to 2 tsp wasabi paste
Juice of half a lemon
Salt, pepper and garlic powder
Splash of plant milk
☝🏻blend all together and garnish with parsley

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