‘SHROOM RAGOUT & POTATO MASH This week my bf and I tested the vegan recipes fr…


This week my bf and I tested the vegan recipes from hellofreshde – which were sadly not sponsored lol 😬 They came at the right time for me, as I told you in my stories the box made my life this week without tracking way easier (yes, they also display the overall calories but hey, I didn’t track them 😅)

We ordered 3 recipes, of which 2 are vegan & 1 is vegetarian (adaptable if you know how). It was a little sad that there weren’t more than 2 vegan options available on their side but it is what it is right 🥶

First recipe we’ve cooked this week was “Coconut rice with marinated oven roasted veggies & satay sauce” – really delish! Second one, was thiiiiiis hearty mushroom & maroon ragout, potato mash and steamed carrots, also quite good and easy to make, but not a real highlight tbh

I added the sofine.deutschland vish filet to uplift the protein (also obv not sponsored) 😇

Today we’re testing out the last recipe “Fettuccini with Spinach & ‘Shrooms” for my bf we’ll be cooking it the normal & I will adapt mine to have it vegan.

My overall feedback: For people not enjoying the cooking life and may not have a lot of time, it sure is a great and delish thing! BUT as a vegan girl I have to say it’s quite hard to find vegan recipes since most of them are only vegetarian and include cheese, cream etc. & as I do love cooking I feel like the recipes we tried I also could’ve made myself 🤗

Hope this helps a few of you who may already have thought about ordering one of their boxes and if you do please tell me how you liked them – I’m too curious to know 😅🙈

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