6 INGREDIENT SQUASH PASTA w/ ZUCCHINI Caution: This recipe contains a 2 month …


‼️Caution: This recipe contains a 2 month old squash, which I’ve totally forgotten to use and yesterday I finally did haha 😅

Nevertheless, this actually was a great idea! The squash sauce was super creamy and rich without being too much and that way you can totally eat your daily veggie intake without even noticing. 🤩

🍴RECIPE for 2🍴
[1/2: CALS 348 ~ 66C ~ 13P ~ 4F]

1 Sweet Dumpling Squash (~300g / or any other squash)
100g Pasta (I used rice noodles)
100ml Vegan Cooking Cream (I used alpro soy cuisine)
2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast (10g)
2 Tsp Mustard (10g)
2 Cloves Garlic
optional: Fresh Parsley

1 Zucchini (300g)

1️⃣ Shave pumpkin and cook it until you can easily pierce it with a fork. Cook pasta according to package instructions.

2️⃣ Put cooked squash in a bowl and add remaining ingredients. Blend with a hand blender and add seasoning, such as salt & pepper, paprika powder etc. (add a bit of water if you like the sauce to be thinner).

3️⃣ Fry zucchini and season with salt & pepper. Mix sauce with pasta and garnish with zucchini.

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